Thursday, 5 August 2010

A bl**dy Déjà vu

And another round of Hospital madness for us:

we were booked in for a scan (nobody told us what kind of scan, turned out to be a Growth scan which funnily enough we had booked for Monday anyway...) Our Baby now weighs (and please consider that all of this is estimated!) about 2.24kg (4lbs 15ozs) which would mean it has grown about 400g in just over a week..before it has managed 200g in 2 weeks. Weird, but good. :)

Afterwards we were meant to have a 'computerized CTG' which sounds much fancier than it is. Also, they left us sitting there and went for lunch. The receptionist walked past us twice before finally turning and asking if we were waiting for something/someone. Er, yes.

The CTG only lasted about 20 minutes and apparently everybody was happy with it. We wouldn't know because it was only a friendly nurse called Ruth who told us.

Remember I said we had a scan booked for Monday? Well, we've now cancelled that but we're booked in for another attempt on an ECV next Wednesday. If that fails it is going to be a C-Section and I have a feeling it might happen at the end of next week MAYBE - if I can manage to convince them - the beginning of the week after (which would mean that in Hospital world we'd be 39 weeks but in our world - the Real World - we'd be 38 which we're much happier with).

I also will have another Anti-D Jab (for my Negtive Blood-ness) on Wednesday. Yayy... >_<

All in all, we arrived at the Hospital at about 12:10pm and left at about 2:45pm...with a lot of waiting...again. *sigh*.

That's it. Oooh, some positive news: the husband gets 5 days from work for Hospital appointments. Nice! :D

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