Gift for My Husband

Whenever it’s my husband’s birthday, I never know what to get him. I go to Survival cooking to look at all the great appliances, as they seem to have amazing reviews for all of his interests… But I begin to feel that those domestic tools begin to “get a bit old” because I get them for him every year. This year, I decide to look for the best watches under 500 for him, because he has never really had a nice watch but is always noticing when other men have nice new watches…

I think this will be an incredible surprise for him and I can’t wait until he sees it. Gift shopping is such an interesting mix of being stressful and fun, but it is always so rewarding when you truly love your hubby like I do! This is going to be a truly great day, I certainly can’t wait to give him his amazing new watch– but first I have to pick one! Picking him a watch will surely be interesting and maybe a little bit stressful but that is okay and I am willing to undertake that level of stress for the man who I am such a big fan of. His gift is going to be great. I am deciding between two watches right now, but that’s only because they both represent a different part of his personality, which is so diverse and deep and wonderful. I love him, and I sure hope that he loves his watch! I think he will– I think he is expecting another domestic tool, but it will make him feel good to be able to put a classy, $400 watch on his wrist, I think. I always get the jewelry and accessories– maybe this means that he will end up buying Me a GRILL. LOL!

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