Now that’s a first

Today it has been 2 years, 4 months and 6 days that we’ve been a family of three and today was also the first time that the husband and I had a chance to (really) go and do something just the two of us. So we went to the cinema to see End of Watch (eeeeeeeek! I am a HUGE Jake Gyllenhaal fan and couldn’t wait to see this film. It is excellent. Go and see it! :D)

Outside the cinema

Lime, meanwhile, spent the afternoon with her paternal grandparents. They went to the park, then for a coffee & cake and then to a nearby department store where they found a tv showing Madagascar 3. A friendly store clerk then offered to switch the film to a big screen and turn on the 3d so they ended up sitting there, enjoying the film. 🙂

Lime refused to wear the glasses but grandad didn’t mind

It was great and indulgent to do something without having to divide my attention. And Lime had a great time with her nanny & grandad as you can see. 🙂

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