Unu Motors: A Company With A Cause


I am currently doing a research project about companies and business that creates an impact to the society. Our professor Sir Gary Castro Smith of our entrepreneurship class assigned us to search for such topic to present in our class next week. I was assigned to sear h good companies somewhere in Europe but I do not have any idea about good business in Europe. I thought I will have a hard time looking for one but I was happy to stumble upon one great company that fits the topics.

Upon searching over the internet, I stumbled upon this company, Unu Motors, which has good reviews and feedback from clients. I wondered what made this company liked by many and so I researched more and more and found out that I have been looking for. After a couple of pages where I saw good feedback for the company, I finally realized that yes. This one is what I am looking for and I am excited to share the facts I have learned about the cool company.

Unu Motors is Creating a Big Impact In Transportation

I love how their electric scooters or ‘elektrische scooter,’ is one of its flagship products, make an impact for the good of the environment. It is run by electricity and you do not even need to gas up because it comes with an easy to grab battery just right for every outgoing person. Also, it does not create noise, so imagine the fleeting feeling of riding a scooter without hearing too much noise that ordinary scooters give. What a relieving feeling.

Unu Motors wants to provide more and more options of great transportation option for its customers

Aside from electric scooters which have been generating good feedback for its awesome features, I think Unu Motors has a love way to go when it comes to giving what is best for the customers. One of their objectives is to provide good service for people and I think it will not stop there.

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