How Google Docs Has Vastly Increased My Writing Productivity

Google, you just keep on doing it. You keep on bringing the world innovations which change the way we work, play and communicate.

We all fell in love with Google’s search engine, and though it seems we’ve lived with it forever, there was a time when the world didn’t “google” stuff, but merely searched or researched it. Now you’ve gone and done it once again. Although still fairly new in terms of wide use, Google Docs is coming into its own as a place to create, organize and share documents more efficiently than most anything else.

You may love your Microsoft Word or word processor of choice and that’s fine, but it’s a safe bet that once you start using Google Docs, you might find going back to traditional word processing much harder. It may not be like going from a typewriter to a PC, but it will change the way you write. Google Doc’s ease of use, it’s convenience and the way it will organize your work is really hard to beat.

Google Docs Meets Email

The best way to describe Google Docs is to say it’s word processing combined with email. The way your documents are organized and accessed are much like emails in an inbox. At a quick glance, you can see exactly how many documents you have, what folders they’re in, the date they were created and so on. Email is now hard or impossible to live without and the way in which we communicate and save and share ideas is now mainly through emails. With Google Docs, it’s a logical extension built around that sturdy email foundation. You no longer have to keep your academic diary always with you because Gmail can do it better.

Google Docs Organizes Me

Look, I’ll admit it. I’m not the best organized person in the world. I usually keep my best organization skills for my writing, but even that can get away from me. With Google Docs, organizing is painless – it just happens. It’s nearly impossible to lose track of a document – unless you actually purposely put it in the trash. Aside from that, everything you write is always there. Say goodbye to trying to remember a file name or even utilizing tags. Document titles are clearly displayed in your Google Docs menu. With a mouse click, you can go to just one folder or the special ones you’ve designated with stars. Anyone who uses Google’s Gmail will be familiar with this process, for everyone else it’s an easy learning curve.

More than just organizing, the basic word processing approach and tools is really all most of us need. Multiple fonts, bold, italics, underline and spell check are all tools included. Sure, anything really advanced may be out of Google Doc’s reach for now, but the basics are there and well supported.

Google Docs Shares

One of the most powerful features of Google Docs is the sharing feature. By designating a file as collaborative or as viewable, you can enable friends, family or co-workers to have access to the file. This allows say a co-writer on a project to access something you’re both working on. By just using the one document at Google Docs, say goodbye to the annoying multiple drafts problem. Change the document in Google Docs, save it and when your collaborator logs in, they see the changes and can now do more work on the same document. This sharing ability alone makes Google Docs pretty revolutionary.

Google’s Ambition

Google Doc’s many features are still growing, and honestly, I haven’t tested all of them. The speed at which Google puts out applications, and how quickly we adopt them, may intimidate some, but the price is certainly right – FREE. I say bravo to Google’s ambition of wanting to organize and coordinate the world’s information. If they can organize someone like me, the world can’t be all that tough to whip into shape.

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