How To Cook Frozen Corn On The Cob

Many people ask how to cook frozen corn on the cob; they find it too difficult to make fresh at times. How to cook frozen corn on the cob takes some practice, but it can be done with a few simple tips. When you purchase frozen corn from the supermarket, it’s already pre-cooked, de-heated and already seasoned. Just make certain that it has been cleaned thoroughly rinsed under cold running water.

To begin cooking the corn, remove the kernels with a fork and hold at least two spoons of the delicious snack. Add a little salt to the kernels for the first few minutes so that it doesn’t stick to the fork. Add some kosher salt to the salt and allow to stand for about five minutes. The kosher salt will help to preserve the crunch of the corn. You’ll also want to add a little black pepper to help cut through the tough fibers of the kernel.

Now that you have your preserved, seasoned and salted corn, it’s time to get to the good stuff! How to cook frozen corn on the cob normally just calls for some warm water to boil the corn until it flakes easily when poked with a fork. This is an old-fashioned favorite that uses a non-stick frying pan to cook the corn until it flakes easily. For this classic recipe, substitute a one-quart non-stick aluminum casserole dish with a one-quart non-stick pasta cooking pan. Bring the water to a simmer and then turn off the heat.

If desired, use the corn for stuffing, mash it or puree it. Use a meat mallet to pry the stuffing from the cob into a serving bowl. Then, in the same bowl, add two tablespoons of flour. Let the batter mix for a few seconds so that it becomes smooth. You can also add a bit of vegetable oil or shortening to give it a smooth consistency. Use your hands to break the fluff into smaller pieces.

The second part of the classic how to cook frozen corn on the cob recipe is to drain off the liquid from the corn and then add the liquid to the dry flakes in a bowl. Whisk the dry ingredients until combined and then add the milk and cream, just as you did with the first part of the recipe. Let this rest for about ten minutes so the milk can absorb the flavors. Then serve up the dessert. Although this may seem like a straightforward method of preparing the popular treat, you’ll find that there are many variations on how to cook frozen corn on the cob that incorporate different recipes as well as new ingredients.

Some of the most popular ways of how to cook corn on the Cob involves cooking it on a grill. Although grilling is an old-fashioned favorite when it comes to preparing and serving a hot dish, you will find that corn on the grill can be a delicious alternative to frying. You can begin by making sure that the corn is completely thawed before you place it on a grill. If you find that it needs some time to thaw out, you can put the serving of corn on a small plate and turn the stove off. Wait for it to become cold before putting it on the grill.

When choosing how to cook frozen corn on the cob that you want to use, the best option is to use a recipe that employs a combination of butter, onions, spices and tomatoes. An example of such a recipe might include a mixture of one tablespoon each of butter, tomatoes and a bit of cumin, ground pepper and salt to two tablespoons of olive oil. By using a bit of extra olive oil, you will be able to increase the taste and texture of this particular cornbread recipe.

The easiest way of how to cook frozen corn on the cob is by cooking it and then taking it out of its frozen state. Simply remove the corn from the refrigerator and allow it to defrost. In order to retain the corn’s shape, you will need to add it to a pot of warm water that has come to a boil. Once the water has come to a simmer, place the corn in the center of the pan and cover it with the rest of the cooking liquid. Cover the pot until it is frozen and then carefully remove the frozen piece of corn from its spot and place it on a clean surface.