Interview: Andrew Christian, Fashion Design Demi-God

For nearly 10 years, Andrew Christian’s collection of active, swim, and underwear has been the choice pick of young urban males. Provocative, comfortable and sexy, this former club kid’s line is getting nationwide attention, and he’s now fielding models from Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency. No small feet for a fellow who started sewing his own get-out-and-go garments. Associated Content sat down with Christian, to get to know the man behind the fabric.
AC: When did you first start to design?
Andrew Christian: I was always sort of a creative person. It was what I went towards as a creative outlet.

AC:But when did you first know you were a fashionista?
Andrew Christian: I used to go to underground clubs a lot. I made my own outfits, and people noticed them. I started selling to friends. Then one of the promoters had a store, and that’s kind of where it started…

AC: Which do you prefer designing underwear or swimwear?
Andrew Christian: I don’t know if I have a preference. It would be like picking your favorite child.

AC: Okay well what is your favorite one piece? Do a Sophie’s Choice for me.
Andrew Christian: The thermal I did with a distressed wash on it and with an eagle print.

AC: Here’d you come up with the iconic logo?
Andrew Christian: It was a play on my last name. I didn’t want any religious connotation, so I picked a neutral cross. Some people think it is Swiss, or lifeguard or Christian. It’s open to it’s own interpretation…It has great appeal.

AC: I used to think it was just the name of the company, not a real person’s name.
Andrew Christian: I’ve gotten that before. I have also gotten “Oh, you are Andrew? Where is Christian?”

AC:If you weren’t a fabulous designer, what would you want to be?
Andrew Christian: There are so many things I would like to do… I’d like to be an artist, do socially relevant art. I’d like to be a DJ. What I really want to do is make a video, be in a video. Come up with the concept and direct, produce and star.

AC: Let’s talk about your up-coming appearance on the Janice Dickinson Modeling agency.
Andrew Christian: It was a lot of fun! I went into the agency to do a casting, all the models got into underwear, and we did some preliminary pics. It was guys and girls, and we ended up picking 8 models total. We did the photo shoot at this amazing location-with a pool! Janice came to the shoot, she was fierce. We lined them all up and had them do runway walks. All the models are gorgeous, but some are still in training and not the best walkers. So Janice and I were throwing rocks at the models that needed a little work. It was playful. Eventually, she grabbed me and we did runway together, totally unplanned.

AC: This sounds like a hot episode.
Andrew Christian: Oh yeah, there is even a little bit of nudity. We had one guy stark naked, I don’t know if that will make it in the episode or not.

AC: I hope! How was Janice to work with overall?
Andrew Christian: Incredibly easy to work with…You get a certain perception from the show, but she is very professional. She only wants to make the client happy.

AC: What influences your designs?
Andrew Christian: I have a European aesthetic, but I am a Californian designer. The California lifestyle is really evident in my clothes. It’s a casual laid-back lifestyle. You don’t have to be dressed up to go anywhere in California. Jeans and t-shirt go everywhere. It all just depends on what you wear, and how you put it together.

AC: What is next for Andrew Christian?
Andrew Christian:In the New Year: New bamboo fiber underwear that we are releasing in February. Also a Basics line with everyday boxers and everyday briefs, really sort of cute stuff with colors that pop! And the neatest thing is our Flashback line. It’s a butt lifter for guys with flat asses.

AC: So we can all have bubble butts!
Andrew Christian: Yes! It will add up to one inch to your butt. No assembly required.

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