Vessi Footwear Review – Cityscape Women Midnight Black

Recently a little birdy told me about Vessi. What is Vessi, you ask? It’s an international footwear site that specialises in waterproof endurance shoes. Imagine a vamped-up version of sneakers – that’s kind of the idea. Vessi’s selling point is the waterproof element of the footwear. I have to admit, coming from the UK, the idea of waterproof shoes was pretty appealing. God, what I wouldn’t give for a nice, dry climate. I’d settle for arid to be honest. It’s a shame I like England so much.

So, I took the plunge and decided to give Vessi a go. Normally I can be a little apprehensive about ordering things online. Can you blame me? You could be getting a chocolate teapot for all you know!

I ordered the Women’s CityScape shoes in Midnight Black, retailing at $129 USD. One downside is that the smallest size is a 4. Sorry, all weeny-footed people. I did some digging though and discovered that you can get smaller sizes in other shoes. As long as you don’t have your heart set on that particular set of shoes, you’ll be alright. I’m a size 4 (UK) so I ordered the US 6. Admittedly, I was a little nervous when making the order in case the shoe wasn’t true to size.

The shoes arrived a lot earlier than anticipated. This was a nice bonus, especially since they’re across the pond. The shoes were true to size and fit snug around my feet. On Vessi’s site, they claim the shoes to be ‘freakishly lightweight.’ I chuckled a little when I first read it, but I’d say it’s a fairly apt description. The shoes are super light! They’re the kind of shoes you could toss in a gym-bag or squish into a suitcase. The site portrayed the shoes in a realistic manner, looking as high-quality as they do on Vessi Footwear.

To test them out, I took them for a jog on a rainy day. I have an issue with sweaty feet when I exercise, and if the shoes aren’t breathable, they’re going to pong. My feet were well-ventilated and didn’t smell (well, not that much.) They’re comfortable to run in and provide support for the heels. At my age, support is crucial when I work out, so this made Vessi a winner for me.

Comfy, trendy, breathable and lightweight – the price definitely reflects the quality! I give Vessi Footwear a big thumbs up.

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