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My Friend Sold A House In Vancouver! Check It Out Here!

So, one of my very best friends is coming to visit, and I get the feeling that she is going to be covering a lot of the costs! Recently, she inherited some property in the Vancouver area, did and she sold it and literally made millions of dollars. It was her parents land, and she didn’t have any interest in living there, and when they bought it the property was very modestly priced. Now, property values in Vancouver are literally some of the most expensive in the entire world. It’s a hot commodity Market, but she had a really great Vancouver Realtorwho was able to make this property stand out from the other Burnaby condos for sale. The realtor is also a big help when one is looking for Coal Harbour condos for sale. 

 Actually, Burnaby is not quite Vancouver, but it’s about as close to Vancouver as you’re going to get without being in Vancouver, and it is significantly much closer and more connected to the city of Vancouver than most of the other suburbs in the region. Anyway, the properties there are also very expensive and worth a lot.

So, I’m pretty sure that my friend doesn’t actually read my blog, I don’t share it with people like her very often, so I feel comfortable speaking about this. Wouldn’t it be so strange to fall into literally millions of dollars? A lot of people dream of it, and get jealous when it happens to someone, but I guess I don’t feel jealous even a little bit. It seems like it would actually be pretty stressful to have so much money all the sudden, and hard to decide what to do with it.

Maybe it’s just me but I think I would get very anxious about doing the wrong thing, or not doing enough of the right thing, or not being generous enough, or being taken advantage of for my generosity, as what my Vancouver realtor friend say. I think I actually preferred like, a normal life like I’m living now. I’ve got friends, family, and all sorts of beautiful things that money can actually buy. So does my friend, and I’m not worried about her having a hard time. She’s really intelligent I think she can handle it better than I would, I guess I’m just putting out some food for thought..