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Child Care and Separation Anxiety

Children sense a parent’s comfort level. So the first thing for you to do is check out your daycare and make sure you are truly comfortable leaving your child there. If you are concerned and worried this will be passed directly to your child. Be truly happy with what you are providing for your child
Practicing is always a good idea. You can practice a routine at home and then stick to that routine at day care. It’s good to let your day care know what routine you are going to use. For example, if you are going to walk to the front door only and sign the child in. Janice Warren would say, “We are going to get out of the car and go in. I will sign the paper then; I will give you one hug and one kiss. I will then go get in the car and I will be back to get you.”

The daycare worker can watch for the one hug and one kiss and then approach the child to continue on with the day.

Perhaps your day care picks the child up from the car. You might say “I will blow you a kiss and honk the horn once and then I will leave and I will come back and get you.”

Sometimes there are lots of little horn toots at the daycare, but for some kids it seems to helpful.

It’s not the ritual; it’s that you tell the child what is going to happen. You practice it. You make it a non-negotiable item. They become very familiar and are prepared for the separation.

Remember to leave and not linger. This is very important. Many times as soon as parents are out of sight the kids relax and settle down. As long as they have you as an audience they will be tempted to seek your sympathy. Every child loves to have the attention of a parent and at this age it doesn’t matter if the attention is negative. They still crave it.

If you are one who must cry, please do it in your car and well out of sight. Anxiety fosters more anxiety. Don’t apologize for leaving them. That would imply you shouldn’t be doing it.

When you come back please don’t tell the child how much you missed them. I learned this from a child, who must have had a parent much smarter than me. One of her friends was leaving the day care and they started exclaiming how much they had missed each other. Alisha, all of four years old, consoled them.

“I am really sorry for you guys. My mom and dad don’t miss me at all. They just love me and they get mom and dad things done and I just love them and get my school and playtime done while I am here. Then we can really be together later.”

Website Hosting Canada – Top Web Hosting Reviews

Website hosting Canada is a flexible and convenient way to get your online business off the ground. It is important to get a business started quickly so that your customers can have instant access to your products or services. With your own website, you will be able to put up photos, write articles, or even create a web video and capture the attention of your target audience immediately.

Websites come in many shapes and sizes. Each web hosting company will work with you to provide what you need to get your business going. Some companies are only in a specific category, such as personal websites or small business sites. While other companies offer a full range of services that include domain names, email addresses, business name, address, and payment options.

You can find a variety of hosting packages, including free hosting. Free hosting will give you a basic web presence, but it does not provide any features that may make your business more successful. Free hosting providers will also limit the number of sites you can have on their servers, limiting the amount of space you will need.

You may want a higher level of flexibility. A dedicated server is a dedicated server, meaning you will have your own private space, network, and networking equipment for your site. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses that are trying to build their presence in the market before getting into another large plan, such as shared hosting.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still have your own online store. It’s simple to use online payment methods, and this service comes at no extra cost. Using this type of service gives you the ability to take care of all your web development needs, without having to manage thousands of domains. This will also help your company keep the servers up and running, so that customers can access your site.

Small business owners can take advantage of new technology to increase efficiency and increase productivity. One type of technology that has caught on is the Cloud. This allows you to keep your computers and data connected to a central server where everything is stored. It helps your business stay focused on what it does best, while reducing maintenance costs.

Most website hosting companies offer some type of unlimited bandwidth or low cost, basic hosting services. If you are looking for a cheap option, these types of services are available. You will also find that most websites allow for customization of the website pages and content. This will help keep your web page unique and enticing to your audience.

You will find that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors when hosting your site. You want to make sure that you get the customer satisfaction that is best for your business. A service that offers monthly contract terms is a great way to offer exceptional service while still keeping your expenses to a minimum.

Your website will need to be able to take care of a lot of traffic and not break the bank when using affordable monthly plans. When considering different web hosting providers, review their customer service options and guarantees. The longer the guarantees and customer service support the better.

An online business can achieve maximum customer service through a dedicated customer support staff, but some companies do not have enough resources to provide support on a daily basis. There are online ticketing systems that will allow you to contact the company easily and know when your ticket has been resolved. This is the fastest way to get a hold of them when problems occur.

All these aspects play a role in ensuring quality customer service. The best hosting companies offer 24 hour customer service, multiple choice customer support, instant results, free trials, and guaranteed connection speeds. Not only do they provide adequate space, but they will also provide high speed access that will meet or exceed the needs of their clients.

If you are a small business or individual who is trying to get the word out about your services or products, then you need a powerful website with a high level of customer service. Your website hosting Canada company should provide top quality hosting services, flexibility, and affordability for a small business.

Buying a good paintball gun can be fun and you will definitely enjoy the shooting experience. The best gun to buy is one that will fit you and your needs. The Best Paintball Gun – Find Out What’s Best For You

Choosing the best paintball gun can make a huge difference in how much fun you have with paintball. There are plenty of different guns out there and you will probably want to find one that has as many features as possible. Below is some information that you should read before you buy.

When I bought my first gun, it was the original Stinger model. It came with all the things I really wanted in a paintball gun. The barrel could shoot paintballs in a few inches, the gun had a built in paintball marker, and the paintball marker’s magazine release mechanism was on the right side of the gun. This way, it was easy to use my marker and not get lost while shooting.

These are the most popular models out there today. However, if you are shopping for a new gun, there are plenty of other options that you can consider. You should keep in mind the specific paintball gun you want. If you are looking for a light weight gun, you might want to think about the Blazer.

The Blazer is one of the lightest, smallest, and fastest paintball guns around. It’s also extremely accurate. There are a lot of people who love this gun. Some of the reasons are because it shoots faster than the Stinger, and it is smaller and more lightweight.

The only downfall to this gun is that it does not come with a ball storage rack. It has to be purchased separately. There are a ton of other features on this gun though.

Another popular option is the Bushmaster Compi-Rig Recoilless Rifle. This is a gas-powered gun that can shoot between 400 and 500 balls per second. It uses a flywheel mechanism to feed the paintball into the gun. The gun shoots from one to three shells at a time, depending on what type of shot you take.

This gun is extremely accurate and can be cycled through many different shots without any reloading required. With this gun, you won’t need to refill your magazine as often. The gun doesn’t have a shell storage area, but this gun has one when you purchase it.

There are plenty of models available when it comes to this gun. The barrel is removable and replaceable. The reason you should purchase this gun is because of its accuracy. This gun is usually available for around $300.

You can also purchase a gun that shoots paintballs with lasers built into it. These are very accurate guns, but they cost a little bit more. There are also paintball guns that shoot paintballs through air.

If you are concerned about your own safety, you should try out some of these guns before you purchase one. It’s important to know which gun will work best for you before you decide on which gun to purchase. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of different paintball guns out there. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to well over two thousand dollars.

There are even some paintball guns that are more expensive than you would expect. So you need to be aware of the prices that you should expect to pay before you buy any paintball gun. You should look for a gun that fits your budget and is an ideal gun for you.

Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Paintball Gun

For many years, there has been a debate about the best paintball gun to buy. So many manufacturers have come and gone, that it’s hard to come up with a definitive list. There are however some very important factors that you need to consider before you make your purchase.

One of the first things that you should be looking for in paintball guns is how compact they are. There are a lot of players out there who are constantly on the go and would rather not have to lug a bunch of gear with them. If you think about it, the gun itself is something that you will use for an extended period of time so it’s only logical that you want something that is easy to store.

In terms of portability, size does matter but you really don’t need a very big paintball gun to do a lot of things. You don’t want something that is too big and bulky. Also, there is no sense in taking up a lot of space if you don’t have to. The goal is to have your gun as lightweight as possible so that you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

The best feature that you will want to look for is how much you can fire it. You don’t want something that can shoot a bunch of paintballs at once. The barrel needs to be able to handle a few rounds of paintball at a time before you have to reload it. This way you don’t run into any problems that you might run into later on.

The trigger and the spring system are also very important in that they allow you to be as realistic as possible in the game of paintball. If you are going to be shooting it in the real world, then you need to be able to have a smooth release and to be able to rack the slide as fast as possible. Ideally, this is what you will want when you are out on the field.

Lastly, you want a good weapon. There is no point in getting something that is so weak that you will have to reload it over again. You don’t want a small paintball gun when you can easily shoot five or six rounds without even putting in a shot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should buy a good weapon. These guns tend to be a lot more expensive than the ones that you might find on the internet. The reason for this is that these companies spend a lot of money developing the systems that run these guns.

If you decide to go this route, you should make sure that you get the one that is compatible with your computer and other devices. You want to be able to easily use your weapon in your phone and on your laptop. This way you can take shots quickly and accurately from the comfort of your own home.

The best option is to get a gun that is user friendly and simple to use. Paintball guns tend to be very heavy so it is important that you try to avoid anything that is bulky. Some of the latest weapons will even work from a laptop or smartphone.

It is also important that you get a large battery to keep your battery powered. This way you will always be ready to shoot at least one round when you start the game. Most people tend to play paintball for two hours so having a battery that lasts that long is very important.

When you start playing, you want to find the right gun. However, there are some very important aspects that you need to consider. Make sure that you get a gun that has a high rate of fire and something that will shoot the ball as fast as possible.

A good paintball gun is something that you will really enjoy shooting. If you are having trouble finding one that is right for you, then you might want to buy online. The prices are usually much cheaper, so you will have a much better chance of getting a good gun.

Blogger – Setting Up Your Own Blog And Publishing To Article Directories

Blogger is a social networking website that allows people to set up and manage blogs. It is an excellent tool for blog publishers, bloggers, writers, translators, and even one’s self to write about their life and help others in the process.

Blogger is designed to give you a platform to build your online presence. It is built with blogging in mind, and its user interface has been optimized for this purpose. There are various blogging services available on the web for those who want to get started in this arena.

However, if you are looking for a reliable website where you can host your own blog, you will find it difficult to make this work if you don’t know how to host your own blog. It is not as simple as it seems. Although blogger offers many features that make it easy to get started with your own blog, there are some things that need to be carefully considered so that your blog will be successful.

By utilizing the many features offered by blogger, you will be able to easily create your own blog and publish it to article directories such as EzineArticles,, Page Hub, and even article databases such as Article Central and GoArticle. Most article directories offer free hosting, while there are also many article directories that require you to pay for their hosting. However, this is an option that you have if you want to publish your blog in these article directories. You can choose any of these article directories and add your blog to their directory.

The next step is to register your blog and add your URL’s for use in the blog’s URL. You will be provided with many options that allow you to register with any blogging service provider you like. When registering, you will need to answer a short registration form to give you a chance to be approved to the service provider.

The next step after adding your URL to your blog is to configure yourblog’s settings. The first thing you should do is to configure your blog’s URL. This is done by clicking the “blog” icon from the menu bar at the top-right corner of the screen.

Once the settings are configured correctly, your blog can be published to the blogging services that are offered by blogger. You can check the status of your blog in the dashboard by clicking the “dashboard” icon at the bottom right corner of the page.

What Is the Best Recliner For You?

A recliner, especially the new recliners that have come on the market, are a great way to add extra comfort to your living room. The recliner style makes your legs feel as if they are slouching at a desk and is sure to make people in your home happy. As it is so easy to adjust the recliner, there is no reason why you should not enjoy these chairs every day of the week. If you are looking for a more comfortable chair, one that is also durable, you might want to consider a recliner made by Salisbury.

best recliner

A recliner has many styles and varieties, making it hard to select the best recliner. One of the most famous recliners is made by Salisbury, and these are really popular. These chairs come in many sizes, colors, and materials. If you are a fan of home appliances and always want to be on the cutting edge, then you should consider getting a recliner from Salisbury. They have many designs, some that are actually a bit unusual for a home or office setting.

You will find that Salisbury recliners are made from premium materials, like metal and steel. The recliners that Salisbury offers are some of the most comfortable chairs that you can get. So if you are a person who like to look good, and want to have a stylish chair, you might want to consider a recliner from Salisbury. Of course, there are other brands out there, but Salisbury is one of the more common and popular brands of recliners. Salisbury recliners have been around for years, and they have continued to evolve and make strides. Many people would love to own a recliner, especially if they also love style.

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Provider

You can’t help but go online every now and then and use a search engine to look for information on web hosting providers. It is very useful when you are looking for information on how to find the best web hosting service provider. However, if you are new to the industry and want to get a simple and reliable service, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to pay a lot of money for the service.

web hosting

To save you from all this, you need to know more about what type of web hosting service provider to choose. These are the most important factors that you should consider before signing up with any web hosting provider.

Web Hosting: The first thing you need to check on is if the company offers the right type of web hosting for your needs. With many types of hosting, you need to determine if you need static or dynamic websites. Static websites are those which don’t change often, while the others are dynamic ones that are updated with the web site content constantly.

Server Side: A server side hosting is one in which you can control the domain name, mail server, hardware configuration and the amount of RAM you have. Since they don’t offer the features you are looking for in the free hosting service, they might not be the best choice.

Support Services: You should also look at the number of support services you have. If there are a few support experts available for you, it will give you a sense of comfort and ease when you log on to your website.

Prices: Prices will differ with each company, so you will have to choose the best option depending on your budget. If you are looking for a complete package, you can choose a hosting that includes the space and bandwidth you need.

It is highly recommended that you choose a free service in order to avoid wasting your money. However, if you are not sure of the quality of the service, it is better to stick with a paid service.

Vessi Footwear Review – Cityscape Women Midnight Black

Recently a little birdy told me about Vessi. What is Vessi, you ask? It’s an international footwear site that specialises in waterproof endurance shoes. Imagine a vamped-up version of sneakers – that’s kind of the idea. Vessi’s selling point is the waterproof element of the footwear. I have to admit, coming from the UK, the idea of waterproof shoes was pretty appealing. God, what I wouldn’t give for a nice, dry climate. I’d settle for arid to be honest. It’s a shame I like England so much.

So, I took the plunge and decided to give Vessi a go. Normally I can be a little apprehensive about ordering things online. Can you blame me? You could be getting a chocolate teapot for all you know!

I ordered the Women’s CityScape shoes in Midnight Black, retailing at $129 USD. One downside is that the smallest size is a 4. Sorry, all weeny-footed people. I did some digging though and discovered that you can get smaller sizes in other shoes. As long as you don’t have your heart set on that particular set of shoes, you’ll be alright. I’m a size 4 (UK) so I ordered the US 6. Admittedly, I was a little nervous when making the order in case the shoe wasn’t true to size.

The shoes arrived a lot earlier than anticipated. This was a nice bonus, especially since they’re across the pond. The shoes were true to size and fit snug around my feet. On Vessi’s site, they claim the shoes to be ‘freakishly lightweight.’ I chuckled a little when I first read it, but I’d say it’s a fairly apt description. The shoes are super light! They’re the kind of shoes you could toss in a gym-bag or squish into a suitcase. The site portrayed the shoes in a realistic manner, looking as high-quality as they do on Vessi Footwear.

To test them out, I took them for a jog on a rainy day. I have an issue with sweaty feet when I exercise, and if the shoes aren’t breathable, they’re going to pong. My feet were well-ventilated and didn’t smell (well, not that much.) They’re comfortable to run in and provide support for the heels. At my age, support is crucial when I work out, so this made Vessi a winner for me.

Comfy, trendy, breathable and lightweight – the price definitely reflects the quality! I give Vessi Footwear a big thumbs up.

5 Easy Steps to Oganizing and Maintaining Digital Photos

I love taking pictures (that’s why I decided to take on the 365 Days in Photos project). And I usually take a lot of pictures. So it’s not surprising it that can be overwhelming for me to sort through them.
I had to figure out a way to sort and store my photos so that they didn’t over accumulate, and were also easily accessible. It took a few years to find a system that works for me, but I’m so glad I did! Maybe my system can work for you- or maybe inspire you to create your own system.

1- Upload your photos to your computer before the cameras memory is full

It’s really annoying when you have your camera ready to capture that special moment, only to find it’s at full capacity! My goal is to empty the photos on my laptop at the end of every month. Any longer, and I won’t remember the details to write captions.

2- Organize your photos into folders by year, then months

Arranging your pictures the date will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for when searching for something particular.

For example:

Pictures — gt;2010 — gt;July

3- Further divide your photos in events and occasions

Once your folders are set up by years and months, create folders for specific events and occasions. For example, in my July 2010 folder you are likely to find occasions such as “4th Celebrations” and “Mom’s Bday Party.”


Pictures — gt; 2010 — gt;July — gt;4th Celebrations, Moms Bday Party, Our Vegetable Garden

*Don’t be afraid to divide your photos even more. The folder “Mom’s Bday Party” may further be divided into “Making the Cake,” “Decorating the Hall,” and “The Surprise Party.”

4- The beginning of each month, share amp; print your photos from the month before

There are so many websites out there that allow you to share your photos with family and friends. If photo sharing is something you do, posting them monthly will keep your pictures from piling up (and taking an eternity to load). It will also keep you loved ones up-to-date. Same thing goes for printing your photos. Many companies make this easy by allowing you to upload your pictures to share and print from one website.

5- Use an external hard drive to pack up photos

Our photos are precious to us- they represent our memories after all. Having digital copies of our photos is like taking out insurance. Except that most of us don’t keep actual prints anymore, making the digital copies the only copies. I’ve heard too many stories about computers crashing and all family photos lost. Why take that risk? Use an external hard drive to periodically backup your photos, and have peace of mind. (Experts suggest having a backup of your backup on separate hard drives…in different physical locations…confused yet?)

Using this easy method to sort and store your photos will let you enjoy picture taking without the annoyance of them piling up, dislocating them, or losing them forever.

In your travels, you need a nice camera for documenting your shots. Aside from this, I also recommend investing on tactical flashlight amazon, which is great for campin and trekking. My post about this will go live next week!

Food and Dining on the Camino De Santiago


In May 2010, I followed the Camino de Santiago, a centuries-old pilgrimage route, across Northern Spain. In thirty days, I covered over 500 miles on foot, carrying all my belongings on my back and sleeping each night in pilgrim hostels, called albergues , along the route.
It was a journey of discovery in many ways, but undoubtedly one of the best things about walking across an entire country is the opportunity it offered to really immerse myself in the local cuisine – and you can bet I was hungry after all that walking! In fact, the pilgrim appetite is legendary, prompting many restaurants to offer a special menu, the menu de peregrino, made up of inexpensive but delicious dishes designed to nourish and satisfy even the healthiest of appetites.

Like many pilgrims, my journey began in the quaint medieval town of St. Jean Pied de Port, located at the foot of the French Pyrenees, where I barely had time to wolf down a fresh baguette (how stereotypical!) before heading over the mountains and into Spain. The Spanish Basque Country is known for its use of peppers and cured meats so it was little surprise that my first meal consisted of large, fresh piquillo peppers stuffed with meat and, of course, more peppers. The next day I encountered chorizo , a coarsely marbled, smoky, paprika-infused sausage that was to be a staple, with some regional variation, of dishes throughout my journey.

From the Basque Country, I crossed into La Rioja, a region famous for its wines and spicy kidney bean dishes, spiked with chorizo, called capparones . I enjoyed some of each on my way across the region, partly thanks to the monastery at Irache which provides a self-service fountain of red wine (and one of water for those less alcoholically inclined) to slake the thirst of passing pilgrims.

In Castile and Leon, the next region through which the Camino passes, I found myself walking through ‘the granary of Spain.’ Fields of waving wheat provided a sibilant accompaniment to my daily walks and, in the evenings, I fortified myself with hearty beef stews, grilled pork chops served with potatoes, and creamy bowls of brown lentils, spiced with the ever-present chorizo.

Santiago de Compostella is the ultimate goal of the pilgrimage and also the capital city of Galicia, the final region in my slow and steady progress across Spain. Spreading from the coast inland, this is the perfect place to enjoy Spanish seafood at its best. For a dedicated seafood lover like myself, the days I spent here were a feast of flavors both new and familiar. A meal often started with caldo Gallego , a brothy soup filled with potatoes, a local green called grelo (similar to turnip greens) and, of course, chorizo. To follow, one might order chipirones , fresh young squid quickly seared in olive oil and sea salt, or a pan-fried fillet of hake.

Perhaps the most Galician of all dishes, however, is the aptly named pulpo a la Gallega or ‘Galician-style octopus.’ I love touring here using my The PNW backpack.

Locals call the dish pulpo a feira and tips for locating a good pulperia are commonly exchanged amongst pilgrims. On the strength of these recommendations, I sought out the highly touted Pulperia Ezequiel in the town of Melide, just 56km outside of Santiago. The place was modest, simple, and host to more locals than pilgrims, which on the Camino is always a good sign. Patrons seated themselves anywhere along one of several long wooden tables, fostering a communal and lively atmosphere. If you tired of the conversation, however, you could watch your dinner boiling away in one of the vast copper pots near the door. For less adventurous eaters, the sight of a tentacle or two curling over the edge might be enough to spoil the meal, but I relished the opportunity to watch the cooks at work. Each octopus was dipped into the pot before boiling to allow the tentacles, the most palatable part, to curl. After boiling, the octopus was cut with scissors, sprinkled with rock salt and pimenton and drizzled liberally with olive oil before being served, family style, on a large wooden trencher. Chunks of crusty bread rounded out the meal and made the perfect tool for sopping up any spicy oil left on the plate. The paprika flavor, overpowering for some, provided an interesting contrast to the smooth oil and the young red wine with which the octopus was eaten. I loved the interplay of texture in the final dish, since the center of each piece remained firm while the outer skin was soft – delicious!

As someone who once thought that Spanish food was a lot of paella and tapas , my culinary sojourn provided plenty of surprises. I’ve never eaten so much spiced sausage, nor thought that I would actually learn to love and crave lentils, but these are just some of the things I discovered as I ate my way across Spain. Whether warming myself with a hearty stew or sipping a Rioja wine, I have a host of savory snapshots from the trip – and I still dream about devouring wooden platefuls of octopus. It’s a good dream and someday, I know, I’ll go back.