Review Websites for Your App

Do you have an app you wanted to be reviewed on by top experts? There are a lot of websites where you can submit your app so they can review them.

Having your app reviewed by these sites is one of the best way for an effective app marketing strategy. It not only gives credibility to your app, as people get to review and critic your app, it also gives an opportunity to reach more people who are under your target users.

Here are some review sites you might want to check out:

  1. App Useful
  2. Feed My App
  3. 9to5mac
  4. PreApps
  5. TheStartupPitch
  6. Mashable
  7. Tech Crunch

If you want to know more about the importance of this, here are a list of reasons for you:

  1. It gives credibility
  2. It gets easily recommended by reviewers
  3. It gets a larger audience
  4. It increases downloads
  5. It increases app page traffic

So are you considering this tip? Try it and let me know your feedback. I am definitely sure this will help a lot in launching your app.

Just a tip: Make sure you submit your apps only to verified apps. Check and research first about the website and if they too have good reviews. You do not want your own app to be compromised! Our friends at ITmagination also develop apps for you, so check them out!

All the best,


A Blogger Should Have Good Content

I know that a lot of people think that working and making a living online must be super glamorous and amazing, and certain parts of it are, like, I love being able to work in my pajamas and do my business from home, but still there are a lot of aspects of the job that are not ideal.

First things first, you need to have a website. I recommend using a website builder like WordPress, which is where I have it.

Like any other job, lots of my duties are super boring. Like, super boring. One of my least favorite parts of being a blogger is finding good photos to match up with my articles. Now, I have always just like this, because the sources for stock photos don’t really manage or measure quality content, if you know what I mean.

So, I guess what I’m saying, is that the task is boring because the photos are all so boring and also super horrible. Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but until you had to spend hours of every week of your life pouring through horrible albums of vanilla, plain, beige photos that don’t really seem to suit anything well, and then, from one of these photos, attaching it to a piece of writing that you seriously care about… then, you might actually understand what I’m talking about here, and it might actually make a whole lot of sense. Actually, I’m certain that you would understand.

So, even though this is sort of about the boring parts of being a blogger, it’s also just about the boring parts of any job. And the message is actually optimistic, because, after months and years of struggling comma I have finally found the resource that I’ve been looking for. If you found my lack of faith disturbing, know that I have found my solution. EyeEm Is literally the best  stock photography option that currently exist on the internet, and I am like almost completely certain of that. It’s amazing! The amount of good photos on there is totally unprecedented, so if you are a blogger or just a webmaster, I strongly suggest frequenting this awesome little corner of the internet. If your life or job has nothing to do with the internet, then just take this as a Beacon of Hope that’s sometimes the worst parts of your job can be fixed by magical Solutions.

My Friend Sold A House In Vancouver! Check It Out Here!

So, one of my very best friends is coming to visit, and I get the feeling that she is going to be covering a lot of the costs! Recently, she inherited some property in the Vancouver area, did and she sold it and literally made millions of dollars. It was her parents land, and she didn’t have any interest in living there, and when they bought it the property was very modestly priced. Now, property values in Vancouver are literally some of the most expensive in the entire world. It’s a hot commodity Market, but she had a really great Vancouver Realtorwho was able to make this property stand out from the other Burnaby condos for sale. The realtor is also a big help when one is looking for Coal Harbour condos for sale. 

 Actually, Burnaby is not quite Vancouver, but it’s about as close to Vancouver as you’re going to get without being in Vancouver, and it is significantly much closer and more connected to the city of Vancouver than most of the other suburbs in the region. Anyway, the properties there are also very expensive and worth a lot.

So, I’m pretty sure that my friend doesn’t actually read my blog, I don’t share it with people like her very often, so I feel comfortable speaking about this. Wouldn’t it be so strange to fall into literally millions of dollars? A lot of people dream of it, and get jealous when it happens to someone, but I guess I don’t feel jealous even a little bit. It seems like it would actually be pretty stressful to have so much money all the sudden, and hard to decide what to do with it.

Maybe it’s just me but I think I would get very anxious about doing the wrong thing, or not doing enough of the right thing, or not being generous enough, or being taken advantage of for my generosity. I think I actually preferred like, a normal life like I’m living now. I’ve got friends, family, and all sorts of beautiful things that money can actually buy. So does my friend, and I’m not worried about her having a hard time. She’s really intelligent I think she can handle it better than I would, I guess I’m just putting out some food for thought..

Catching up: Part 1 Lime’s Birthday

Ohhh, it’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it? Hope you all haven’t deserted this little place just yet. 🙂

So what have we been up to? Lime has been keeping us busy, learning new words every day, loving the swings and slides in the park and having play dates with her friend Aiden.Me, I’ve kinda got sidetracked back in I think May or whatever when my desire to watch Brokeback Mountain again took over and after I’ve watched it I got carried away with things related to it. I don’t think I’ve ever read as much as I did in the past few months :s

There are a few events I have to catch up on: Lime’s birthday in August (this one), our visit to Brighton and the Paralympics… I hope to have them all up by the end of the week. (Ha, here’s to wishful thinking.)

Remember last year, we had some friends and my family around for a picnic in the park. This year, we did almost the same thing but with different guests.

Jenny, Nicki and Uncle Michael
Lime had fun at the swings, wearing her Lime-dress, just like last year
The children had some fun of their own…
‘The Gay Kite’

The day was beautiful and we had lots of fun eating sandwiches, home baked cake and playing Crazy Golf.

This would be me, trying to avoid the sun
The husband, his parents and grand-parents, Jenny, Nicki and random people. Lime’s friend Aiden and his mummy are just out of shot
Tiger Woods, eat your heart out!
Friends. Lime & Aunty Jenny

After the crazy golf we went to the Castle where for four Sundays in August one can enjoy some outdoor music. Here’s us, doing just that.

We had a lovely day. The weather was perfect, the food was good and plenty and the company was wonderful. Thank you to all who came and/or sent cards. 🙂

The Presents
Lime received some fantastic presents. Thank you to everyone who thought of her this year. 🙂

Note: This entry has been backdated.

Catching up: Part 2 We were there! Paralympics 2012

The husband’s parents had purchased tickets for us, my brother-in-law and themselves. We arrived 3 or 4 hours before the 7pm entry.

It was a lovely, warm day in London and it seemed everybody else had the same idea (arriving early, that is) so we just wandered around, took lots of photos and shared them on instagram (You should be able to check them out here, just scroll down far enough 😉 ) and then decided to have lunch.

All the stands sell the same drinks at the same price which I think is a good idea. A 500ml bottle of still water was £1.60. Too much but ok for where we were. I had a tomato+mozzarella pizza, 10inch, £7.50. Yummy but oh so overpriced. Wow.

After lunch we just hung around, checking out the area and enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Lime met a horse and there seemed to be no fear when she touched its nose. 🙂

Come 7pm we finally made our way to the stadium, Entry B. We had to go through another ticket check after the initial one that got us into the park.

Yes, Lime handled the ticket check all by herself. The lady was very impressed. 😀 Me too, hehe. The guy in the line next to her said: He’s a trouble maker, he is. Yeah, uhm..not really. ;/

Once inside, I needed the loo (Note to the Olympic park architects: they’re rubbish: too small, no space to maneuver and generally just grubby, ew. I had to change Lime on the floor in one of the cubicles because, to this day, we haven’t figured out, whether there were any Baby changing stations or not). Also, at one point later on my brother-in-law (his name’s Mike btw) and I went out to get some drinks and snacks but omg the queue for the coffee was just insane! We skipped that and just got snacks and water. Ugh. ><

The stadium seemed small but at certain angles huge. When we walked in, they were playing Coldplay’s Paradise which just fitted amazingly well. I swear, the crowd was singing along. Goosebumps. All throughout the games the music was fantastic, actually. If they had a CD I’d buy it.

We saw a lot of great stuff that night with lots of Paralympic as well as World records. (Here’s a view of the schedule that evening: View 1,View 2, View 3 and View 4) And I gotta tell you, it was absolutely amazing. I had not expected this event to be so thrilling and exciting. The crowd roared when the Brits where on as well as when someone did a great job or got their medals. There was respectful silence when needed (like in the T11 etc races which is Visual Impairment or the Men’s 4x100m Relay T11/T13 race). My favourite moment was when T Guilhermina won the 100m T11 for Brazil, what a character! 😀

Here’s a guide to the classifications for Athletics, which is what we saw:

In athletics, the sport classes consist of a prefix T (for track) or F (for field) and a number.
T/F11-13: Visual impairment. The three sport classes 11, 12 and 13 are allocated to athletes with varying degrees of visual impairment, with sport class 11 indicating athletes with the lowest vision. All athletes in theT11 sport class run with a guide runner and are blindfolded. Athletes in sport class T12 may also choose to run with a guide.
T/F 20: Intellectual impairment. Athletes in this class are diagnosed with intellectual impairment and meet sport-specific minimum disability criteria in 1,500m, long jump or shot put respectively. Athletes with an intellectual impairment are limited in regards to intellectual functions and their adaptive behaviour, which is diagnosed before the age of 18 years.
T32-38 and F31-38: The 30s sport classes are allocated to athletes with athetosis, ataxia and/or hypertonia. The impairments typically affect the ability to control legs, trunk, arms and hands. The lower the number is, the more significant the activity limitation. Athletes in the sport classes31-34 compete in a seated position; those in the sport classes 35-38show a better function compete standing.
F40: Athletes with short stature compete in this sport class.
T/F42-46: These sport classes are designated for athletes with limb deficiencies. In the sport classes 42-44 the legs are affected, and in the sport classes 45-46 the arms are affected. All athletes compete standing.
T51-54 and F51-58: The 50s sport classes only include athletes competing in a wheelchair, with a lower number indicating a higher activity limitation. Athletes in classes T51-52 have activity limitations in both lower and upper limbs. Unlike athletes in the sport classes T51-53, athletes competing in T54 have partial trunk and leg function.
For field events, the groups are more differentiated. Athletes in sport classes F51-54 have limited shoulder, arm and hand functions and no trunk or leg function. Athletes in the class F54 have full function in their arms and hands. Trunk and leg function increases through sport classesF55-58.

Lime loved it. She still gets excited when she sees photos from the day. She clapped along whenever there was clapping required and she joined in when the crowd erupted in a fabulous mexican wave.
And one point she went to sleep, as you can see here, well kind of… ;p
We stayed until the very end, which was when they ran videos of random celebrities asking whether we had fun and wishing us a good night and See you tomorrow! Eh, no. I only have tickets for today but thanks. 😉
Sadly, Lime’s uncle was still at work when we took this photo so he’s not in it. 🙁
It was a great day and so much more than I expected. Thank you again to my In-Laws for the tickets and the company. 😀
PS: photos and videos were recorded with my HTC and my mum-in-laws Samsung phone so quality is not amazing, sorry. 🙁

Now that’s a first

Today it has been 2 years, 4 months and 6 days that we’ve been a family of three and today was also the first time that the husband and I had a chance to (really) go and do something just the two of us. So we went to the cinema to see End of Watch (eeeeeeeek! I am a HUGE Jake Gyllenhaal fan and couldn’t wait to see this film. It is excellent. Go and see it! :D)

Everyone can be a VIP

Do you love prams, buggys, strollers and anything else that concerns the first 3 or 4 wheeled transport in your baby’s life? Then you might be very interested to hear about the Pushchair Trader VIP Lounge. Oh yes.

Last year, Pushchair Trader recruited several eager and excited mums (yes, I am one of them) as their Secret Agents to test drive their new and exciting website. It was fabulous fun. A couple of months or so after recruitment and all sorts of tests to see if it can withstand the onslaught that surely followed Pushchair Trader opened to the public.
If you’re after a pushchair but are not sure which one, if you don’t know if your chosen one is up to your standards or if you’re just nosey and want to check out what’s new on the market, then PT is the place to be. PT regularly test drive and review the newest pushchairs. They also recruit mums all over the UK to test them.
Are you looking to sell your unwanted or unused pushchair or even buy a new one on a budget? Once again Pushchair Trader (hint: the clue is in the name 😉 ) are the place to be with their Selling&Buying pages.
Do you need a buggy board, a footmuff, a parasol or any other pushchair accessory? Then check out the fabulous PT store!
But, and here’s the bait, one of the biggest attractions to Pushchair Trader must surely be their competitions. Last December they ran a 24 Day competition in which you could win a different pushchair every day for the 24 days in the run up to Christmas. Amazing. At the moment they are running a Bump to Toddler Competition worth an amazing £3111! There’s only 6 days left, so make sure you get in there.
So what’s all this VIP palaver about then? Well, if you sign up as a VIP you pay £10 for a year’s worth of membership (that is just under 3p per day) and you get:
Doesn’t that sound convincing? I think it does, which is why I have signed up. 😀
To follow Pushchair Trader on Facebook, click here.
To follow them on Twitter, click here.
PS, have I told you that I have already won a stroller with Pushchair Trader? And that was even before I became a VIP…
Lime in her Cosatto, August 2011

Treasure Island Toys Competition

I am posting this as part of a competition on Treasure Island Toys:

Treasure Island Toys ( has been a popular online store for many parents in the UK since 2008, but as of November 2011 the site became an entirely different sort of online experience.
Treasure Island has created what they like to call a ‘Fun and Party Search Engine’ and is unique in the fact that not only can parents buy toys, furniture and birthday presents from the website, they can now arrange parties and days out for the kids, by finding children’s entertainers, party venues, kids attractions, evening classes, workshops and much, much more – all in one place!
By entering a postcode or place name, parents can find a whole range of child friendly activities and more which are in their local area. They then have the ability to refine their search by using hundreds of different keywords ranging from Ballet, Balloon Modelling and Paintball, right through to Peddle Boats, African Drumming, Theatres and everything inbetween.

The website uses the latest technologies to make it super quick and utilises great features like ‘Favourites’ lists, videos of entertainers, date ranges for events, reviews, social networking (Facebook/Twitter/Google+) integration and much more.
The website is also what is known as a ‘wiki’ site, meaning that anyone can add a listing to the website for FREE, quickly and easily by themselves. So if you are an entertainer or are a parent that knows of any great kids’ attractions and local events in your local area, you have the ability to add them in seconds and let other parents benefit from your knowledge.
With thousands of listings already on the website, and more being added each day, we are confident that Treasure Island is the place for parents to go when in need for some great ideas to keep the kids entertained.
For parties see fun days out see

I am sure Lime would love the prize that can be won, a ‘Wonderworld Eco House‘ complete with furniture and more. I know I would. 😉

The prize


Small Style No 23

Welcome to {Small Style}. This is where Lime shows off her outfits every Thursday (and any excuse for me to show off my babe ;p) Do join us by linking in the comments. This whole thing btw started over at Mama loves Papa…

Lime’s Winter hat collection. From left to right:
Longsleeve: H&M
~ Top Row ~
Creme/Horse&Cart: this is old and used to be my brother’s
Blue hat: H&M
Red&White/Hearts&Snowflakes: might have been from a market, used to be mine but now too small
~ Middle Row ~
Christmas Pudding: John Lewis (present from Uncle Mathias)
Colourful hat: present from the Husband’s colleague
Blue/Bear, Fox&Racoon: H&M
~ Bottom Row ~
Owl: Bespokebabyroom (shop has closed but there’re loads on Etsy or Folksy)
Dinosaur aka Sea Monster: Q&S
Leopard cub: Q&S
~ Below ~
Bear: Q&S

Small Style No 24

Welcome to {Small Style}. This is where Lime shows off her outfits every Thursday (and any excuse for me to show off my babe ;p) Do join us by linking in the comments. This whole thing btw started over at Mama loves Papa…

Longsleeve Top: Mothercare
Fleece Dungarees: Mothercare (thrifted, with tag still on)
Legwarmers: eBay
Booties: Moccis