The Best BBQ Party Ever With Comfortable Seats

My dear friends!

Last week we visited the region, which is one of the most beautiful countryside in the state. The reason why we came there was a BBQ party of my lovely friend Julia. I haven’t seen have for years and, so it was also a great opportunity to have some chat; to learn how things are going with her since we’ve graduated.

Well, my friend has a cozy house with a lovely garden. What we really needed is more space there, but, actually, it wasn’t a big problem. Her garden was decorated with marvelous things, such as colorful bottles, poppy sways, path lights and funny chickens. Looking great! I’d love to point out her interesting chairs. I was wondering where she could find them and she told me that she has bought them from the Internet. She has Adirondack Chair. As far as I know they are very popular this season. But, who cares about the trends? I liked them for their beautiful look and high quality; easy in using and the construction look strong. I guess it will not crack so simple. She has different types of this stylish furniture (Lifetime Adirondack Chair, Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus, POLYWOOD South Beach), so you will never get bored. You can feel how comfortable they are by changing your place. It was hard to understand and recognize the winner of this competition. I tested all of the, and honestly telling you they are really nice! Not just a look, but the quality and the price is so attractive.  They will stay new forever! 

So the party has started. We were 40 people in one place and without any doubt it was very crowded! And you know, not just me, but also all my friends marked this new chair as excellent design decision. Everyone talked about Julia’s house and her great taste. She knows how to make her guest happy.

We played a wide range of sports: badminton, table tennis and somehow we could manage to play football on such small area. We were served tasty food: seafood, toasts, salads and luxury wine. We definitely had a great time together!

All in all, I have to think about our own country house as well. I wish we could have time and of course a huge amount of money. Then we would be able to arrange the same events too. It would be exciting to be able to take advantage of all perks that my friend gets living in the country side.

Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to leave a comment. Probably, you have Adirondack Chair or planning to buy them!


Simple Help for Busy Mums

Hello to all mummies!

When you have a lot of children – you can forget about yourself. Comfort? Rest?! Are you kidding? These things are in your dreams for the next few years when you’re a mum… or maybe longer, it depends. Are you familiar with the situation when you have no time, but a one big trouble called “being a good mother who can do lots of things at once”? If so, keep reading.

I have two beautiful twins. Yes! Exactly! Probably when you read this you can feel a deep sympathy to me and wonder how I was able to keep up with everything and haven’t gone crazy… Well, there is no doubt, it was really hard, but I found a way; I managed to be a good and caring mother and I had enough time to give love to both of my beauties!

The first thing I did was the hiring of a nanny. It was a young nice lady, who helped me a lot with my children, I trusted her and felt really safe. However, she came only for a daytime and I found it a bit problematic to care for both of children at once. You know what I’m talking about if you ever cared for a baby. When the one sleeps, the other wakes up and it goes on and on. My husband was sick of these sleepless nights so he searched through the internet for any advice. How I love my lovely for his care, he always finds the best ways to solve the problems. This time he found a smart Wifi baby monitor. (OMG! Ladies, I just ask you to google for this stuff right now!) It saved our pure sleep and gave us a chance to enjoy at least one more hour of sleep each single night due to the function called “Night Vision”.

As we have twins, we bought two Comfort cams and put them in the rooms of our babies. For now, there is no problem with a night-time sleep. We installed two apps (on my husband’s phone and mine) to monitor the rooms at one time. It’s amazing! It was a usual thing when Cindy (my lovely) loudly cried or woke up and, as you can guess, automatically awoke her sister. But, finally, all these horrible nights were absolutely in the past. I can always come to the room to my baby and be sure that there is no way to disturb the other’s pure dream. Actually, you can even sing lullabies to your lovely one without going to his or her room. It’s perfect. This stuff is super easy to use and it has a lot of useful functions.

I really appreciate the developer’s work as for now I can also see my second daughter playing with a nanny at the time when I feed the first one in the other room.

Also, I can always track the situation at home when I’m out. Another great thing is that when my husband is on his business trip he is still able to see his babies any time he wants to. Yes, sure, Skype is also a great tool to show them to my husband, but I use each single free moment to sleep, not to chat or something. So the only important thing in the usage of this cam is to be connected to the wifi.

If you have a wifi you have a power to control everything with the Comfort cam. The Comfort cam is a great helper! It really works and helps to be in the present moment with your kids in the daytime and it’s a super cool guardian of your children’s sleep at the nighttime. I highly recommend you to try it! I couldn’t be silent and not share this information as I wish you to become as happy as me and what is the most important, to enjoy the time of being a mother.

Bye, bye, mummies! Wish you to be the best one on your amazing journey called “Caring Mother”. Hope, my feedback was very useful for all of you.

All the best!

Gift for My Husband

Whenever it’s my husband’s birthday, I never know what to get him. I go to Survival cooking to look at all the great appliances, as they seem to have amazing reviews for all of his interests… But I begin to feel that those domestic tools begin to “get a bit old” because I get them for him every year. This year, I decide to look for the best watches under 500 for him, because he has never really had a nice watch but is always noticing when other men have nice new watches…

I think this will be an incredible surprise for him and I can’t wait until he sees it. Gift shopping is such an interesting mix of being stressful and fun, but it is always so rewarding when you truly love your hubby like I do! This is going to be a truly great day, I certainly can’t wait to give him his amazing new watch– but first I have to pick one! Picking him a watch will surely be interesting and maybe a little bit stressful but that is okay and I am willing to undertake that level of stress for the man who I am such a big fan of. His gift is going to be great. I am deciding between two watches right now, but that’s only because they both represent a different part of his personality, which is so diverse and deep and wonderful. I love him, and I sure hope that he loves his watch! I think he will– I think he is expecting another domestic tool, but it will make him feel good to be able to put a classy, $400 watch on his wrist, I think. I always get the jewelry and accessories– maybe this means that he will end up buying Me a GRILL. LOL!

Unu Motors: A Company With A Cause


I am currently doing a research project about companies and business that creates an impact to the society. Our professor Sir Gary Castro Smith of our entrepreneurship class assigned us to search for such topic to present in our class next week. I was assigned to sear h good companies somewhere in Europe but I do not have any idea about good business in Europe. I thought I will have a hard time looking for one but I was happy to stumble upon one great company that fits the topics.

Upon searching over the internet, I stumbled upon this company, Unu Motors, which has good reviews and feedback from clients. I wondered what made this company liked by many and so I researched more and more and found out that I have been looking for. After a couple of pages where I saw good feedback for the company, I finally realized that yes. This one is what I am looking for and I am excited to share the facts I have learned about the cool company.

Unu Motors is Creating a Big Impact In Transportation

I love how their electric scooters or ‘elektrische scooter,’ is one of its flagship products, make an impact for the good of the environment. It is run by electricity and you do not even need to gas up because it comes with an easy to grab battery just right for every outgoing person. Also, it does not create noise, so imagine the fleeting feeling of riding a scooter without hearing too much noise that ordinary scooters give. What a relieving feeling.

Unu Motors wants to provide more and more options of great transportation option for its customers

Aside from electric scooters which have been generating good feedback for its awesome features, I think Unu Motors has a love way to go when it comes to giving what is best for the customers. One of their objectives is to provide good service for people and I think it will not stop there.

My Mia 2 Reviews

Hello there, ladies! It has been a long time since i last posted in this blog site. I have been very busy doing works with my client. I have landed business with top brands lately and I know there have been a little time to allot for this website. But still, I am going back to writing, and sharing my thoughts with you, my dear readers, now as I just closed some deals already.

Now, you know always love doing reviews for different products that are new and I have tried. A friend, who is into marketing beauty products and equipments, introduced me to Clarisonic Mia 2, a brush with the superb technology of removing deep seated dirt in the face in no time, and is absolutely cool.

She sent me a product, along with a cleanser for me to try and here is my Mia 2 reviews. Hope you liked it!

Clarisonic Mia 2 is a product that is new to ear. We heard a lot of products introducing mere facial cleansers with the promise of removing your pimples. There are even equipment saying there is a guaranteed you will no longer have pimples around the face and just young looking lady.

What i love most about this product is that is solves a longtime problem for girls. When you use this one, you no longer need to double check if you have cleaned thoroughly you face.

In fact, Clarisonic Mia 2 can actually clean six times better than bare hands only. Well, I totally agree with this. Our little fingers could not really get into our pores and prohibit dirt from oing its tricks.

With this product, it combines a technology and water to remove one’s blemishes and unwanted pimples in no time.

As for the price, I know. Clarisonic Mia 2 is a little hefty in the price. Yes, we know that. But the reward is not just for your client presentation or thesis work presentation. It is about yourself. Your self esteem, and confidence. No one could top that.

Real Estate Marketing Seminar

Last Saturday, me and my friends Sophia and William attended a seminar on marketing. A week before that, I received an email from an agency which conducts free workshops and seminars about certain topics. I was thrilled to find out their new workshop will be about marketing and how to start your own business. I quickly called Sophia and William and told them the news. I know they will be interested too as they are the type of persons who are always open to business opportunities.

Aside from its free registration fee, we were thrilled that they have a number of notable speakers too. I was excited to learn new things from them.

The first speaker talked about marketing in the publications field. While I am a writer by heart, I know I can’t land a freelance job in the field because I have no experience on marketing publication titles. William told me he is interested by the way. He was a former account executive in a start-up company in the publishing industry. In the open forum he also shared how it was a tad difficult to market the print publications compared to online ones nowadays. He said that because of the traffic requirement which can now be reached through investing in hiring SEO experts and all, the marketing side is always easy. On the other hand, the print publication are said to be dying slowly, what with the advancement of the internet. He hopes he can still land a nicer job in that related field of marketing. As you know, William previously quit his job to travel in South America.

For Sophie, she loved the marketing insurances part. She was definitely wowed by the promising opportunities of selling insurances while also getting for herself and her family member. I know that this is an investment for her future and for her loved ones and she believes a lot of families would benefit from having insurance. Marketing insurances will be an easy feat for this girl, believe me.

The third one was about real estate marketing. This one, I think, was the most remarkable for me. I wanted to know more about real estate marketing. I was once an agent of a real estate company. However, I stopped when I gave birth to my child.  I remember the first time I landed a real estate deal. It was my husband’s former high school classmate. We met and she told me her requirements in looking for a new home after they decided to move out of her parents house. She said it should house her six kids and their dogs. I was glad I was able to help her find a nice and suitable home. She is now a good friend of mine and my child’s godmother.  Her kids too are nice friends with my child.

The real estate marketing topic was definitely my favorite. That was something that served as a refresher course. It also ignited again my passion in talking to people, and making good deals with them.

Review Websites for Your App

Do you have an app you wanted to be reviewed on by top experts? There are a lot of websites where you can submit your app so they can review them.

Having your app reviewed by these sites is one of the best way for an effective app marketing strategy. It not only gives credibility to your app, as people get to review and critic your app, it also gives an opportunity to reach more people who are under your target users.

Here are some review sites you might want to check out:

  1. App Useful
  2. Feed My App
  3. 9to5mac
  4. PreApps
  5. TheStartupPitch
  6. Mashable
  7. Tech Crunch

If you want to know more about the importance of this, here are a list of reasons for you:

  1. It gives credibility
  2. It gets easily recommended by reviewers
  3. It gets a larger audience
  4. It increases downloads
  5. It increases app page traffic

So are you considering this tip? Try it and let me know your feedback. I am definitely sure this will help a lot in launching your app.

Just a tip: Make sure you submit your apps only to verified apps. Check and research first about the website and if they too have good reviews. You do not want your own app to be compromised! Our friends at ITmagination also develop apps for you, so check them out!

All the best,


A Blogger Should Have Good Content

I know that a lot of people think that working and making a living online must be super glamorous and amazing, and certain parts of it are, like, I love being able to work in my pajamas and do my business from home, but still there are a lot of aspects of the job that are not ideal.

First things first, you need to have a website. I recommend using a website builder like WordPress, which is where I have it.

Like any other job, lots of my duties are super boring. Like, super boring. One of my least favorite parts of being a blogger is finding good photos to match up with my articles. Now, I have always just like this, because the sources for stock photos don’t really manage or measure quality content, if you know what I mean.

So, I guess what I’m saying, is that the task is boring because the photos are all so boring and also super horrible. Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but until you had to spend hours of every week of your life pouring through horrible albums of vanilla, plain, beige photos that don’t really seem to suit anything well, and then, from one of these photos, attaching it to a piece of writing that you seriously care about… then, you might actually understand what I’m talking about here, and it might actually make a whole lot of sense. Actually, I’m certain that you would understand.

So, even though this is sort of about the boring parts of being a blogger, it’s also just about the boring parts of any job. And the message is actually optimistic, because, after months and years of struggling comma I have finally found the resource that I’ve been looking for. If you found my lack of faith disturbing, know that I have found my solution. EyeEm Is literally the best  stock photography option that currently exist on the internet, and I am like almost completely certain of that. It’s amazing! The amount of good photos on there is totally unprecedented, so if you are a blogger or just a webmaster, I strongly suggest frequenting this awesome little corner of the internet. If your life or job has nothing to do with the internet, then just take this as a Beacon of Hope that’s sometimes the worst parts of your job can be fixed by magical Solutions.

My Friend Sold A House In Vancouver! Check It Out Here!

So, one of my very best friends is coming to visit, and I get the feeling that she is going to be covering a lot of the costs! Recently, she inherited some property in the Vancouver area, did and she sold it and literally made millions of dollars. It was her parents land, and she didn’t have any interest in living there, and when they bought it the property was very modestly priced. Now, property values in Vancouver are literally some of the most expensive in the entire world. It’s a hot commodity Market, but she had a really great Vancouver Realtorwho was able to make this property stand out from the other Burnaby condos for sale. The realtor is also a big help when one is looking for Coal Harbour condos for sale. 

 Actually, Burnaby is not quite Vancouver, but it’s about as close to Vancouver as you’re going to get without being in Vancouver, and it is significantly much closer and more connected to the city of Vancouver than most of the other suburbs in the region. Anyway, the properties there are also very expensive and worth a lot.

So, I’m pretty sure that my friend doesn’t actually read my blog, I don’t share it with people like her very often, so I feel comfortable speaking about this. Wouldn’t it be so strange to fall into literally millions of dollars? A lot of people dream of it, and get jealous when it happens to someone, but I guess I don’t feel jealous even a little bit. It seems like it would actually be pretty stressful to have so much money all the sudden, and hard to decide what to do with it.

Maybe it’s just me but I think I would get very anxious about doing the wrong thing, or not doing enough of the right thing, or not being generous enough, or being taken advantage of for my generosity, as what my Vancouver realtor friend say. I think I actually preferred like, a normal life like I’m living now. I’ve got friends, family, and all sorts of beautiful things that money can actually buy. So does my friend, and I’m not worried about her having a hard time. She’s really intelligent I think she can handle it better than I would, I guess I’m just putting out some food for thought..

Catching up: Part 1 Lime’s Birthday

Ohhh, it’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it? Hope you all haven’t deserted this little place just yet. 🙂

So what have we been up to? Lime has been keeping us busy, learning new words every day, loving the swings and slides in the park and having play dates with her friend Aiden.Me, I’ve kinda got sidetracked back in I think May or whatever when my desire to watch Brokeback Mountain again took over and after I’ve watched it I got carried away with things related to it. I don’t think I’ve ever read as much as I did in the past few months :s

There are a few events I have to catch up on: Lime’s birthday in August (this one), our visit to Brighton and the Paralympics… I hope to have them all up by the end of the week. (Ha, here’s to wishful thinking.)

Remember last year, we had some friends and my family around for a picnic in the park. This year, we did almost the same thing but with different guests.

Jenny, Nicki and Uncle Michael
Lime had fun at the swings, wearing her Lime-dress, just like last year
The children had some fun of their own…
‘The Gay Kite’

The day was beautiful and we had lots of fun eating sandwiches, home baked cake and playing Crazy Golf.

This would be me, trying to avoid the sun
The husband, his parents and grand-parents, Jenny, Nicki and random people. Lime’s friend Aiden and his mummy are just out of shot
Tiger Woods, eat your heart out!
Friends. Lime & Aunty Jenny

After the crazy golf we went to the Castle where for four Sundays in August one can enjoy some outdoor music. Here’s us, doing just that.

We had a lovely day. The weather was perfect, the food was good and plenty and the company was wonderful. Thank you to all who came and/or sent cards. 🙂

The Presents
Lime received some fantastic presents. Thank you to everyone who thought of her this year. 🙂

Note: This entry has been backdated.