How to Decorate Your Place on MySpace


Myspace is a site that seems very challenging to some, but it is actually more intimidating than it is actually is.Just follow some of the tips I am offering and you will have your own space in no time. Easy as one, two, three. After learning how to do this, you will be revamping “your space” often and in no time. You can be very decorative and artistic or just something basic.
If you don’t already have an account with myspace, the first thing you need to do is register with them. You can do this by going to . Go to the right side of your screen where it says member login and under that click on sign up.You will then login to your account. It will be very plain and basic at this point. This is where the fun begins. At the top of your page, click on the edit profile link. This takes you to a screen with many different sub links.
Let’s start off clicking on interests and personality. The first thing you see is Headline. This is what you want people to read beside your picture on your profile. You can write in anything you would like. You can even get creative and put your name in glitter. If you would like to try this, go to:
image=8jt4G817XD text;=Jawna size;=50 text;_color=CC66CC angle;=0 border;=0 border;_yes_no=4 shadows;=1 font;=’fonts/Cream%20Puff.ttf’

Scroll down and input what you want your headline to say. You must keep this pretty short in order for it to fit into the section correctly. I used my name. You can choose different text styles,colors,shadowing and borders. When you find what you think you like hit apply changes. You will then see a preview of what this will look like on your myspace page. If you like what you see and want to use this, click on get HTML code. You will then have different codes with previews to choose from. You find the one you like and copy the code. To copy a code you left click in the box of the code you like. You then right click your mouse and go to copy. You will now go to the headline section and right click your mouse and click on paste. This inserts the code into your page. Above the headline section, click save changes.

You can now move to your about me section. You can type in something about yourself that you want people to know. I think I should seek the help of my friend who’s a master in net cms. This is also where we will input codes for your myspace background. After you have typed what you want to type about yourself, go to the top of it and hit the enter button a few times to move this down out of the way. The next step is to find a background for your page. (You will want to have another window open for this so you can switch between windows). There is a huge variety of pages in which you can choose your background. I will post a few here.

1. 2. 3. After reaching these sites, either look for myspace layouts or myspace backgrounds. Sort through and find one that you like. There is usually a preview page on most. After you find the one you would like to use, click on get the code or some will take u to the code after clicking on the layout. We will then do as we did for your headline with the copy and paste. Copy your code and then go to your myspace page at the top of the myspace about me section and paste this code in. Click on save all changes.

You can now move on to the remaining categories and fill in what types of music and such that you like. After you do these, click save all changes again. Go back to the top and click on basic info. Fill in all this information that can be viewed by people that will visit your space. After completing this, click on save changes.

You can fill in the rest of information you want by clicking on various sub links at the top of your screen.

Now we are going to preview what you have done so far. You need to click on home. This will bring you to your basic page. You are not going to see your results on this page. To view your profile as others will see it, you will need to click on view my profile. After doing this, you will see how others will see your space when they go to it.

There are so many possibilities for this website. I will try to keep publishing different lessons on how to make your page fantastic. In my next publication, we Will learn how to insert music on your profile, change your profile cursor, and insert pictures.

Until then, I hope you have fun getting your space ready and making yourself and others feel at home while visiting. Visit my site, check it out and see what lessons I can help you with. I also hope for those reading this article, I have helped you learn a little bit more on getting your space ready. Good luck.

How Google Docs Has Vastly Increased My Writing Productivity

Google, you just keep on doing it. You keep on bringing the world innovations which change the way we work, play and communicate.

We all fell in love with Google’s search engine, and though it seems we’ve lived with it forever, there was a time when the world didn’t “google” stuff, but merely searched or researched it. Now you’ve gone and done it once again. Although still fairly new in terms of wide use, Google Docs is coming into its own as a place to create, organize and share documents more efficiently than most anything else.

You may love your Microsoft Word or word processor of choice and that’s fine, but it’s a safe bet that once you start using Google Docs, you might find going back to traditional word processing much harder. It may not be like going from a typewriter to a PC, but it will change the way you write. Google Doc’s ease of use, it’s convenience and the way it will organize your work is really hard to beat.

Google Docs Meets Email

The best way to describe Google Docs is to say it’s word processing combined with email. The way your documents are organized and accessed are much like emails in an inbox. At a quick glance, you can see exactly how many documents you have, what folders they’re in, the date they were created and so on. Email is now hard or impossible to live without and the way in which we communicate and save and share ideas is now mainly through emails. With Google Docs, it’s a logical extension built around that sturdy email foundation. You no longer have to keep your academic diary always with you because Gmail can do it better.

Google Docs Organizes Me

Look, I’ll admit it. I’m not the best organized person in the world. I usually keep my best organization skills for my writing, but even that can get away from me. With Google Docs, organizing is painless – it just happens. It’s nearly impossible to lose track of a document – unless you actually purposely put it in the trash. Aside from that, everything you write is always there. Say goodbye to trying to remember a file name or even utilizing tags. Document titles are clearly displayed in your Google Docs menu. With a mouse click, you can go to just one folder or the special ones you’ve designated with stars. Anyone who uses Google’s Gmail will be familiar with this process, for everyone else it’s an easy learning curve.

More than just organizing, the basic word processing approach and tools is really all most of us need. Multiple fonts, bold, italics, underline and spell check are all tools included. Sure, anything really advanced may be out of Google Doc’s reach for now, but the basics are there and well supported.

Google Docs Shares

One of the most powerful features of Google Docs is the sharing feature. By designating a file as collaborative or as viewable, you can enable friends, family or co-workers to have access to the file. This allows say a co-writer on a project to access something you’re both working on. By just using the one document at Google Docs, say goodbye to the annoying multiple drafts problem. Change the document in Google Docs, save it and when your collaborator logs in, they see the changes and can now do more work on the same document. This sharing ability alone makes Google Docs pretty revolutionary.

Google’s Ambition

Google Doc’s many features are still growing, and honestly, I haven’t tested all of them. The speed at which Google puts out applications, and how quickly we adopt them, may intimidate some, but the price is certainly right – FREE. I say bravo to Google’s ambition of wanting to organize and coordinate the world’s information. If they can organize someone like me, the world can’t be all that tough to whip into shape.

Essentials for Your Medicine Cabinet


Being prepared for injuries and illnesses is important for a child and adult’s well-being. Many items should be in your medicine cabinet. Yet, the odds are high that most homes are missing these essential products.
For first-aid purposes, you should always have a variety of band-aids. Keep a stock of different sizes, as no cut is alike. There may be large scrapes requiring large bandages or small paper cuts requiring small ones. Surgical tape and gauze pads are necessary for deeper cuts that do not need stitches, but require more padding. Also, keep some antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, to prevent infection and hydrogen peroxide for washing out scrapes and cuts. Splinters require the use of tweezers. Be sure you spend the money and get a pair that really grabs. Other items that should be on hand are butterfly closures for jagged cuts, nail scissors, fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, muscle rubs (Bengay), and cortisone cream for itchy rashes and bug bites. Finally, keep an ace bandage handy in case of emergency.

Medications that should be kept on hand include pain relievers, aspirin, nausea remedies for indigestion, cold medicines including decongestant, cough syrup for persistent coughs, and throat lozenges or sprays for sore throats. Keeping a bottle of Pepto-Bismol on hand is an excellent idea during the winter when stomach viruses are common.

There is plenty of debate over pain relievers. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is not recommended for those who have a few drinks because it can damage the liver. Ibuprofen (Advil) reacts to a number of medications. Many people are allergic to aspirin.

Despite this, aspirin is beneficial in thinning the blood. Keep aspirin on hand, even baby aspirin will work, in case of a heart attack. The pills can save a life.

Many new parents are told to keep Ipecac syrup on hand in case of poisoning. There is debate on this issue now, as many doctors say the medicine does not help remove poison from the stomach at all. In some cases, proper treatment must be delayed until all of the ipecac is vomited by the child. Only in rare occasions is ipecac helpful. I still suggest keeping a bottle on hand, but only use it if your pediatrician has given you the okay.

Every medicine cabinet needs a thermometer. The new digital kinds work quickly and easily. They take up little room, so there is no reason to bypass this important tool. If you have older thermometers, they may contain lead. Dispose of them at your local pharmacy.

Other items that are helpful to keep on hand include cotton swabs, cotton balls, Vaseline for chapped lips or cracked skin, Epsom salts for sprains, and witch hazel for bruises.

It is important that you check and update your medicine cabinet on a regular basis. For the face, it is advisable to stack up on best vitamin c serum for face that you can find in the market too.

At the beginning of every season, you should go through your medicine cabinet, dispose of any outdated medicines, and inventory your supplies. Medications that are past their expiration date can be toxic and you want to restock the items that you have run low on.

Hardee’s Red Burrito – A Marriage Made in Heaven


All right, I confess. I’m a bachelor. I eat out a lot more than most folks I know. I cook maybe twice a month, and that’s if you consider boiling spaghetti cooking. I eat at my local Hardee’s restaurant about once a week. This past week, the location I frequent started carrying Red Burrito food. I had my chance to sample this cuisine.
Now, I don’t live in the Eastern Carolinas, or anywhere where Red Burrito exists as a stand-alone restaurant. I have never seen one in my life. I have been informed recently that many Hardee’s restaurants already offer the dual-branded service. Why did it take so long to get to me? I could have had it all this time. Where they holding out on me? Who cares? It’s a great thing.

I remember as a kid, I could count on one hand the times I ate at Hardee’s. That’s not per week or year. That’s for my entire childhood, including my teen year! Hardee’s just wasn’t competitive with the other burger joints. But sometime in the last ten years, Hardee’s repackaged their entire franchise and drastically improved their menu. They even rebranded their water bottles using water bottles custom label. I’ve enjoyed their Thickburgers about once a week ever since.

Now, there’s more to the selection. Of course, I love fast-food prices, but let’s face it. When it comes to Mexican, fast-food hasn’t been so kind. Taco Bell is far from authentic. Although I’m a Taco Bell fan, too, I know the Bell is anything but realistic. I even lived in South Texas for seven years, on the Rio Grande border. I know authentic Mexican food, and Taco Bell is not authentic.

Red Burrito is certainly not more of the same. Red Burrito menu selections feature a distinctly more authentic flavor than the Bell. If you’re looking for good Mexican food at fast-food prices, you’ve got it there. The beans I had took me back to the Border. The rice took me back to the Border. But for me, the coup de grace was the taco shell. It wasn’t hand-made, but it was much closer to authentic than anything Taco Bell has ever given me.

So I conclude this by saying simply that I love Red Burrito. No, I’m not quitting Taco Bell. I’ll just eat at Taco Bell when I just want to eat food. If I want a more authentic Mexican meal, I’ll eat at Hardee’s/Red Burrito. Sure, I’d like to eat at a sit-down authentic Mexican restaurant, but I can’t afford to do that once or twice a week. Fast-food is my way for now. Hardee’s/Red Burrito has my business.

Web Designer Hurdles to Overcome


As a professional web designer from top digital marketing strategies company for over ten years, I have had to overcome some hurdles, both in terms of actually designing web sites and training clients on the importance of owning and properly maintaining a web site.
Hurdle 1: Train Yourself

Imagine sitting to take a test for a subject you know nothing about. This is how a client might feel if you approach them and do not at least know some basics of web design. Whether you are working with software to design the web site or hand coding as I do, knowing how to use your tools is the first step.

One such tool every web designer needs, regardless of how you design the web site itself is communication. How well you know a subject can be seen in how well you are able to explain it to someone else. Imagine going to purchase a car and all the salesperson is able to tell you is that you put gas in it and turn the key. They are unable to tell you anything else. Would you buy a car from that salesperson? Probably not.

Remember, your client will most likely not be a web designer.

Hurdle 2: Training the Client

The first question I ask all clients is, “Why do you want a web site?” Silly question to ask a client, right? Yet the typical answers I get are mind blowing. I get answers like “everyone else has one” and “shouldn’t I have one?” Sure a web site is a helpful marketing tool to either share information about a company or product to generate customers and revenue. Remember, most of your clients are not going to be web designers and many might not fully understand what a web site can do for their business.

As a Web designer, your first job behind educating yourself on designing web sites is to train the client. This can include everything from explaining the difference between a web site and a web page. Try to avoid technical terms if you can. Do not dummy things down for clients, but do make sure to explain items in a way they will be able to understand.

For example, you might try equating a web page to a page in a book and a web site as being the whole book. Just as a book is broken into chapter, a web site can be broken down into sections, and then further broken down into pages.

A web site is not a magic bullet. It will not grow revenue all on its own.

Hurdle 3: Marketing

If no one knows about the web site, no one will visit. Simply adding the web site to a search engine might have seemed enough back when the web was young, but unfortunately today this will not work. Decide if you will be offering this service yourself or outsourcing to another company.

Business cards and other marketing material the client is using might need to be updating to including the web site address, especially if the web site is new to the client.

Hurdle 4: Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Do not be afraid to evaluate your abilities and scope out the pricing of other web designers locally. Most clients will want to work with local web designers if possible or at least my experience has been such.

Know your strength and weaknesses. This is where knowing the competition as well as those in related areas come in. Say you are really good at writing the code and laying out the page, but not so hot graphically. You might need to outsource this part of a project. Having contacts who are graphic designers might be of some value to you when you approach a client who desires a graphic heavy web site.

If you don’t know something, make sure this is communicated. Do not be afraid to let the client know you are unable to assist them or that you might have to do some research before committing to a project. The worst thing for you to do is to commit to something you know you cannot do and then not deliver.

This is where networking skills are very important. If your weakness is in writing proper code or graphics, network with something who can. Even networking with those in other areas such as the printing business might be beneficial, for possible mutual client sharing.

Hurdle 5: Sell Yourself

When you approach a client regarding designing or redesigning their web site, remember you are selling more than just a service. You are selling yourself: your experience, your reliability, your talent. This is where knowing your tools comes in. Remember, your tools are more than just your ability to design a web site.

First impressions are so vital as you never get a second chance to sell yourself the first time again. Make sure your attire is appropriate and you have a business card to present the client. Also, if you are familiar with the business or products, this could also be a plus to bring up in an appropriate manner.

Writing a Great Resume

Everyone knows the more common mistakes made on a resume, such as overlooking typographical errors. But there are 10 mistakes rarely talked about, yet equally crucial. Avoid these resume ‘don’ts’.

1. One size does not fit all. You may not be able to get away with just one resume. Most job seekers with at least five years’ experience will need two resumes, perhaps even three. Why so many? With five or more years of experience, chances are you can comfortably land a job in more than one field or industry. You don’t want to confuse a potential sales employer with irrelevant technical experience.

Think of your resume as a 15-second television commercial. You simply don’t have the time to talk about anything other than what is most important. Chances are, whoever views your resume will scan it for mere seconds before flipping to the next “show”.
2. There is no one ‘right’ way. Some of your friends and colleagues will brandish some favored, dog-eared book written by an employment guru or other well-known expert in resumes and job hunting, quoting from it as if it were a holy book. “You should never do this,” they will say, or “Don’t you know? According to so-and-so, you should always . . .” The reality is that the only opinion that matters is your future employer’s. Maintain common standards of what looks nice — keep it clean, neat, and free from errors — but pay more attention to your industry and the position you desire than any job-hunting expert.

You can deal with those friends and colleagues, by the way, by fighting fire with fire. Show them books that offer multiple possibilities, such as 202 Great Resumes by Jay Block.
3. Don’t listen to your friends. Job-hunting, especially in the corporate world or in hospitality jobs often puts us in an insecure frame of mind. We’re scared. We feel judged. We may have been laid off or fired, further puncturing our ego. So it’s natural for us to turn to the people we love and trust the most, our family and friends, and ask their opinion of our resume. But this is a huge mistake. Unless your family and friends are in the same industry as you, and seek the exact same or similar positions, they don’t really know what your potential employer is going to expect. Instead, they will provide feedback based on their own careers and work experience, which may be completely contrary to yours.

Even if they have the right credentials, ask yourself: When did they last have to send out a resume? If their last resume was done on a typewriter, they don’t really understand the current job market in a way that is helpful to you.

Take a deep breath, and work up the nerve to ask a mentor or trusted colleague who understands your industry, your desired position, and the job market in that field.
4. Don’t put your resume on a pedestal. Your resume will not get you a job. Your resume is one tool of many that, when taken together, should provide you with a job offer, hopefully in a field you care about. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a lot of effort into your resume, but don’t overlook other important factors — namely, your appearance, your attitude, your ability to be punctual, and how you conduct yourself. A jerk who shows up late (albeit with a winning resume) is still a jerk who shows up late.
5. Don’t ignore the resume recipient. While it is obvious that your resume is going to potential employers, you need to think about who, specifically, your resume will be read by and what they expect. For example, larger companies will probably have a human resources generalist read your resume first. This human resources person may be told to look for specific key words or phrases, but they won’t necessarily know every bit of esoteric jargon. That means you need to write your resume in such a way that it clearly shows your intended industry and position to a specialist and a generalist alike. While the human resources contact is the generalist, the specialist is the last step in resume review — your likely future supervisor, who will expect to see that you know what you should know.

6. Don’t ignore formatting. Leave the 20th century behind. Remember typewriters? If you do, you remember that we only had an underline and capital letters to make things distinctive. Well, we have so much more than that now, and you know what? Underlines and capital letters aren’t really that attractive. Unless your industry deems it standard, avoid underlining and all capital letters. To highlight and separate text, use boldface type, shading, and white space instead. For email resumes, stick with the white space, since formatting comes out differently in each email system.

7. Don’t court ageism or sexism. It is illegal for employers to ask you many questions about your personal life, such as marital status. Leave the year you earned your degree off your resume unless you need to show what you did during that gap in your employment or you just graduated. Don’t mention kids, spouse, or other family members. These details put employers in an awkward spot — they often can’t ask about them, but there they are on your resume. And, you have no way of knowing whether the person interviewing you considers it a positive or a negative. Stick to business.

8. Don’t make it sound like you barely work. Forget the activities and outside interests unless there is a direct tie to the position you seek. Even volunteer activities need to be measured carefully — one or two may be OK (it shows you are community-minded, after all), but a laundry list of charitable causes may make it seem like you merely come to work to rest between volunteer stints.

9. Don’t make it too long or too short. Academic resumes will be longer than those for most sales positions. A sales resume three pages long is going to come off as being untrue, unedited, or the work of an egomaniac. You should know what your industry expects, and stick to it. Don’t try to inflate your experience, and eschew pedestrian descriptions — if your experience is clerical, you can say you did “filing” rather than using three sentences to describe it. Think about what is truly crucial, what you did that really made you stand out. (Again, think of your resume as a 15-second commercial, not a 3-hour documentary.)

10. Don’t be surprised or offended if your resume doesn’t matter. People don’t read a lot. (If you made it through this article, you’ve probably read more than 80 per cent of the population today!) Many jobs are not advertised, and every person you meet could be the person who can recommend you for a job. That means you may never submit a resume, ever — or do so only after the fact, as a formality. Don’t jeopardize this route to a new job by plastering a resume into someone’s hand when it simply isn’t wanted.

A Year Ahead

Hurray! Its 2018 in a month! And for me it’s not just an ordinary year, I know, it’s extra-ordinary! Of course not to mention that movie 2018 and the not-so-good idea embedded on it, the thought that 2012 is the end of the WORLD. Well, there are no such things as end of the world in 2012 as Catholic, I believe God created the world and it will stand still…okay enough for that non-sense prophecy lets now ponder to a more meaningful and interesting topic..

I am not a true believer of New Year’s resolution. I am more into plans and goals setting. Every time a year ends, I always write down all my plans and goals for the next year. And this year, I wrote a lot. I planned a lot, because 2018 is special to me. My past 20 years has been a series of ups and downs, series of learnings, series of struggles, cycle of a student’s waterloos, dreams as well as series of threat and thrill…this 2018, I hope all the series of struggles will turn into sequence of success through hard work. I hope all the string of lessons will be applied and the chain of dreams will turn into reality. And to be more transparent here are my some list of goals and plans for the first quarter of 2018.


Finish my studies. Get a Degree!

My days in the academy are numbered (I hope so) but numbers sometimes extends that why I laid out plans to finish my studies no matter what. It is my first priority now. Before, when I wake up each morning I shut down that ear-splitting alarm clock then sleep again, there were days when I love to pussyfoot out of the classroom and just wander around. the university I also practice procrastination over my assignments and projects. But it’s entirely different now. I’m in a situation where I should just give everything I got and take everything I can out my limited days in college.


Harness my Talent and Skills

Unfortunately, my field doesn’t have any board exam that would give me a time to review and prepare my self to the bigger role outside. But of course I’m not going to let each opportunity to just slip by, I’m not going to pursue the bigger role outside unprepared. So I planned to review all my past notes, read more books. I am also eyeing on learning website development, I actually got the idea from my friends over  ranking hostingów.

(Mass Communication books) and try to stretch myself to everything I can be. I want to be Prepared. Remember, an opportunity is at its best when you are prepared.


Build bridges, create contacts and find a good Job

This is the perfect time or period where we should be creating our connections who could help us to our future undertakings. Like the saying goes, “don’t burn bridges, create them,” no matter how talented or skilled you are, you may still need someone to help you, endorse you or probably give you the job that you want. With thousands of graduates every year in our country it would be wise to start finding jobs and connections early February or March or else, you may run out.


Aside from those goals for the first quarter of 2012 I also laid more plans for the entire year I did not include love life though. This is a new chapter and new beginning and I feel that this is the year to work and a year for those open doors of opportunities. Life is indeed short, so let us live our lives the way we want it. Set your goals. Make feasible and smart plans, execute you plans and expect a result. It might not go smoothly or problem-free. It might change. But its okay, learn to adjust and accept changes.


To my fellow students and graduating students, give your best and take all the time you got to study. Accept challenges, fight and never quit.


Sweat off the Sweats


After spending time with my Audi Q5 for two months, which I leased, out of town with my partner for a monthlong adventure, I gained a lot of weight. Yes, I did! My muffin top is growing strong and I was really eating a lot. Well, now, I decide to ditch the sedentary lifestyle and sweat all the sweets I ate.

There’s a lot going on now in our fitness industry.  Fitness gyms and wellness studios are appearing in every corner of the city.  With this increased number of facilities come different selling strategies and trends to attract people to choose their facility. 1-on-1 functional training: This type of training is currently available in the new gyms in the city.  It’s a private training session with a coach who assesses your status and develops a training program that will fit your needs and capacity to train. This training is individualized, making you achieve your goals faster.  Also, the training environment is safer because there is a coach supervising your entire training session.


Semi-private group functional training

This training is somewhat similar to the first one but with more people training with you. This program is more general but taking into account the needs of all the participants of the training session.  It is also safe because there is a coach/trainer supervising the training floor.


Specialized group training class


Now, this confuses people who are looking for classes to join. The difference between specialized group training classes from semi-private group training classes is that the latter uses different training methods (i.e., dumbbells, suspensions, kettle bells, etc.) and develops programs for the needs of the whole group.

Redefining beauty

We are blessed with naturally tanned skin. This feature has always made us stand out among all the other races. However, not all of us take pride in having this complexion.

For many years now, there has been a misconception created among the minds of the Filipinos. It’s gotten so bad to the point that even as a kid, we were made believe that being fair skinned translates to being pretty, thus having a dark skin tone got us entitled to bullying or being called ugly. And it’s not just a thing of the past. Up until today, we still see individuals discriminate our fellow countrymen because of the society’s beauty standards they fail to meet.

At such a young age, an actress and influencer became a victim of standardized beauty. Being a mixed race from two nations recognized for dark complexion, she was born possessing a tawny, beige skin. During her stay where she attended school for a few years before she settled in California, she felt profoundly affected by the notion implicted into the society.

“Every moment I spent there, I became increasingly more frustrated with the colorism so deeply woven into the culture…the toxic idea that dark skin was ugly made me ashamed and embarrassed of my skin tone,” she said in a Twitter post.

Due to the pressing need to address the issue of colorism, she decided to raise awareness among the public by spearheading the campaign, which is geared towards “challenging the traditionally enforced beauty standards within mainstream Filipino media.”

The movement, which started last October encourages tan-skinned individuals to showcase their beauty by tweeting their favorite selfies and redefine the meaning and understanding of beauty.

“Tan and brown-skinned are made to feel insecure, ashamed, and embarrassed of their skin despite being indigenous to a cluster of tropical islands in the southeast Pacific, where the geography climate make brown skin the norm,” explained Jackson. It was created to empower, reclaim, and redefine what it means to be a Filipino and to celebrate our diversity of color.”

She also highlighted that people must learn to accept their own skin before anything else. This girl, who was first working as a project manager for a dashcam test website, said that social media must be used to spread the cause of reaching out to people.

The campaign then gained popularity from Twitter users, and us residing in different continents across the globe wholeheartedly supported and actively engaged in it. The courage Jackson had garnered and the compassion she had shown to these people paved the way for acceptance and self-love that they missed for so many years of their lives.

“It took me a very long time for me to love my color as it is, and I never want anyone to feel the way that I did,” added Jackson.

Aside from the campaign, Jackson continues to spread the advocacy of loving authenticity through her Youtube channel where she collaborates with other content creators to try and discover different traditions in Asia.

This generation indeed is where we should start to break the norms that continue to let down our image and culture. This is the time to create better ones that would contribute to the betterment of the lives of many through empowerment. And, just like her, we should never be afraid to stand up for what we believe in.


Beat stress now

There are many stress factors that affect one whether at work, in school, on days he is commuting, or just at home. Even the internet can give stress in life. Imagine having to deal with slow internet and wifi at home when beating a deadline? Or just begin frustrated from it ( i suggest you have a wlan access point test first before anything else). I also deal with the same struggle ones and i vow not to make it happend agin. So there, be prepapred everyone!

Anyway, there are plenty of ways to beat stress. Aside from doing household work or reading a book, spending time with family and friends is perhaps the most effective.

According to educator Isaac Danlope, social interactions from childhood to adulthood tend to be among the vital factors in predicting the physical health and well-being of an individual. “It is, therefore, necessary for adults to remind children of their importance and that they are loved by those who interact with them; this is essential since the children are discovering who they are and where they fit in,” he says. “Otherwise, what they turn out to be in future should not be defined by social influences.”