A Year Ahead

Hurray! Its 2018 in a month! And for me it’s not just an ordinary year, I know, it’s extra-ordinary! Of course not to mention that movie 2018 and the not-so-good idea embedded on it, the thought that 2012 is the end of the WORLD. Well, there are no such things as end of the world in 2012 as Catholic, I believe God created the world and it will stand still…okay enough for that non-sense prophecy lets now ponder to a more meaningful and interesting topic..

I am not a true believer of New Year’s resolution. I am more into plans and goals setting. Every time a year ends, I always write down all my plans and goals for the next year. And this year, I wrote a lot. I planned a lot, because 2018 is special to me. My past 20 years has been a series of ups and downs, series of learnings, series of struggles, cycle of a student’s waterloos, dreams as well as series of threat and thrill…this 2018, I hope all the series of struggles will turn into sequence of success through hard work. I hope all the string of lessons will be applied and the chain of dreams will turn into reality. And to be more transparent here are my some list of goals and plans for the first quarter of 2018.


Finish my studies. Get a Degree!

My days in the academy are numbered (I hope so) but numbers sometimes extends that why I laid out plans to finish my studies no matter what. It is my first priority now. Before, when I wake up each morning I shut down that ear-splitting alarm clock then sleep again, there were days when I love to pussyfoot out of the classroom and just wander around. the university I also practice procrastination over my assignments and projects. But it’s entirely different now. I’m in a situation where I should just give everything I got and take everything I can out my limited days in college.


Harness my Talent and Skills

Unfortunately, my field doesn’t have any board exam that would give me a time to review and prepare my self to the bigger role outside. But of course I’m not going to let each opportunity to just slip by, I’m not going to pursue the bigger role outside unprepared. So I planned to review all my past notes, read more books. I am also eyeing on learning website development, I actually got the idea from my friends over  ranking hostingów.

(Mass Communication books) and try to stretch myself to everything I can be. I want to be Prepared. Remember, an opportunity is at its best when you are prepared.


Build bridges, create contacts and find a good Job

This is the perfect time or period where we should be creating our connections who could help us to our future undertakings. Like the saying goes, “don’t burn bridges, create them,” no matter how talented or skilled you are, you may still need someone to help you, endorse you or probably give you the job that you want. With thousands of graduates every year in our country it would be wise to start finding jobs and connections early February or March or else, you may run out.


Aside from those goals for the first quarter of 2012 I also laid more plans for the entire year I did not include love life though. This is a new chapter and new beginning and I feel that this is the year to work and a year for those open doors of opportunities. Life is indeed short, so let us live our lives the way we want it. Set your goals. Make feasible and smart plans, execute you plans and expect a result. It might not go smoothly or problem-free. It might change. But its okay, learn to adjust and accept changes.


To my fellow students and graduating students, give your best and take all the time you got to study. Accept challenges, fight and never quit.


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