Real Estate Marketing Seminar

Last Saturday, me and my friends Sophia and William attended a seminar on marketing. A week before that, I received an email from an agency which conducts free workshops and seminars about certain topics. I was thrilled to find out their new workshop will be about marketing and how to start your own business. I quickly called Sophia and William and told them the news. I know they will be interested too as they are the type of persons who are always open to business opportunities.

Aside from its free registration fee, we were thrilled that they have a number of notable speakers too. I was excited to learn new things from them.

The first speaker talked about marketing in the publications field. While I am a writer by heart, I know I can’t land a freelance job in the field because I have no experience on marketing publication titles. William told me he is interested by the way. He was a former account executive in a start-up company in the publishing industry. In the open forum he also shared how it was a tad difficult to market the print publications compared to online ones nowadays. He said that because of the traffic requirement which can now be reached through investing in hiring SEO experts and all, the marketing side is always easy. On the other hand, the print publication are said to be dying slowly, what with the advancement of the internet. He hopes he can still land a nicer job in that related field of marketing. As you know, William previously quit his job to travel in South America.

For Sophie, she loved the marketing insurances part. She was definitely wowed by the promising opportunities of selling insurances while also getting for herself and her family member. I know that this is an investment for her future and for her loved ones and she believes a lot of families would benefit from having insurance. Marketing insurances will be an easy feat for this girl, believe me.

The third one was about real estate marketing. This one, I think, was the most remarkable for me. I wanted to know more about real estate marketing. I was once an agent of a real estate company. However, I stopped when I gave birth to my child.  I remember the first time I landed a real estate deal. It was my husband’s former high school classmate. We met and she told me her requirements in looking for a new home after they decided to move out of her parents house. She said it should house her six kids and their dogs. I was glad I was able to help her find a nice and suitable home. She is now a good friend of mine and my child’s godmother.  Her kids too are nice friends with my child.

The real estate marketing topic was definitely my favorite. That was something that served as a refresher course. It also ignited again my passion in talking to people, and making good deals with them.

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